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Tube Fly Materials Catalog

Wanted Moose, Caribou, Elk, and Bear Skins.

How to tie tube flies

Tube Flies


Index of Fly Tying Materials

Hook Comparison Chart

Under Construction. Please email for a list of materials and prices for tying tube flies

Index of Tube Fly Tying Materials

Arctic Fox Hair Latex Junction Tubes Plastic Tubing Temple Dog Fur Tube Tools
Bottle Tubes Metal Tubes Plumage Tube Fly Furs Tube Hooks
Canadian Raccoon Mixed Junction Tube Assortment Powder Paint Tapered Fly Tubes Tube Fly Boxes
Flex Tubes - Solid Plastic Liner Tube Kit Scandy Tubing - Speckled Tapered Needles Wiggle Fly Tubes
Flex Tubes - Transparent Plastic Tubes Moulded Ends Silicone Junction Tubes Tube Liner Wiggle Tubes
Finnish Snow Raccoon Plastic Tubes with Cavity Super Slim Bottle Tubes Tube Tying Kits


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